My Wednesday Meetings

Just got home from dinner at an Indian Restaurant (Nirvana). It was a buffet and we ate a lot! My stomach is really full! OMG!
At 6pm, we had a meeting with Stacey and Scott, who were referred to us by Dawn. They’re interested about the mobile home at Erin Woods and we told them about the Rent-to-Own option. They are good people and they seem to be responsible. They just have some complaints about the current owner and rent. I don’t wanna talk about the details on that. We have another meeting to sign the lease and option agreements on Feb 17th Tuesday after Family Day.
At 3:30pm, I had a meeting with Dr. McQueen (Psychiatrist at the Mood Disorder Clinic). Basically, she just wanted to find out about my mood and any side effects from the medications and how I’m doing with my return to work. I didn’t tell her about my changes in the medications but I told her how I feel tired and sleepy by lunch time and how I have a lot of cravings and low libido. She then lowered my dosage for Olanzapine to 2.5mg, just like Dr. Quan’s suggestion.
Since I made changes in the dosage for my medication, I feel so much better. I could multi-task without getting overwhelmed as much as I did a few days before. I’m also able to focus and do more.
Marv Hardwood, entity remover, shaman, sent me a text earlier today to set a meeting time on Sunday but then he backed out. Now, I’m not sure when we could meet up.
Anyway, I’m not worried about having an entity in my body. I’m wondering if it just got triggered after New Year, and how/when did it come inside my body. Whatever! It doesn’t matter!
I’m more interested about getting better and healthier.
The stuff that I got from the Naturopath are pretty powerful stuff I actually am thinking of combining them with Isagenix, so that I get more health benefits… immunity and cleansing benefits.
I’m planning to have my cleansing days next Monday and Tuesday.
Oh, last night I didn’t get the chance to do my journal because it was already late when we got to bed.
…anyway, I thank God for the guidance and love that He’s provided and given me. I thank God for the people he brings to me.
Please God, let me speak good words and make me speak of your word and share the Good News. Heal me and help me empower others as you have empowered me.
Thank You for everything and I love you!

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