My First Day Back to Work

Earlier today, I met with a naturopathic doctor and I told him about my condition, what happened to me and how I was diagnosed with Bipolar Mood Disorder and go prescribed with Lithium Carbonate and Olanzapine.
Dr. Quan and Judie with Western Naturopathic seemed to be very empathetic and they did some tests on me and at the end, they told me that an entity got in my body and lives inside me that’s why I heard a voice and saw visions. It needs to be taken out by another expert (Marv Hardwood) in order for me to be no longer on medication, but I can lower my dosage for Olanzapine (from 5mg to 2.5mg) and Lithium Carbonate (from 900mg to 100mg). Also, Dr. Quan said that I have auto-immune disorder and suggested that I begin eating organic and provided some reading materials and treatment plan.
At night, we had a meeting with the tenants to know more about their plans and we found out that they’re looking for a 5-bedroom house to rent and they told us about Stacey (Dawn’s sister-in-law’s mother) who’s interest about the mobile home and the possibility of owning one. We will meet with her and her husband on Wednesday. She seemed to be nice and we’ll learn more about her goals and how we could work together when we meet.
At work, I was a little overwhelmed because I didn’t have my glasses and I felt that I couldn’t concentrate with my blurry eyes. I didn’t bother checking my emails but I simply focused on 1 goal – to be able to process return debits in PPO. I finished processing them before I left. I also got to park the car underground with Anir’s help.
Thank God for amazing people!

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