My calling and why I’m not quitting my job yet

Last night, we went to Hillsong Young & Free Concert. It was packed of young adults and teenagers. We were at the venue (First Alliance Church) by 6pm and the doors into the theatre didn’t open until past 7pm. There were some intermissions where the host invited some kids to do something they’re good at, like singing, backflip, magic tricks, etc. The concert itself didn’t start until 8pm. It was nice and fun. Good music. I haven’t heard any of the songs before, but there were lyrics on the projector screen so it was good to sing along. While I was internalizing the songs and talk from the youth pastor “Togzy”, I realized my calling… to be Jesus to those around me… to bring good news, to heal the sick, to believe in everyone, to cast vision of hope and to share what I know, and love myself, because I was created in God’s image… In God’s grace, I am saved… Jesus, you’re all I need!
To help more people and to impact more lives, I just have to keep learning, earn more to give more, and invest into relationships and systems…
I also realize that we are all part of a bigger system, and we all play part in that, whether we know it or not. When we contribute more, when we work smarter, we get to reap benefits more.
Why I’m not quitting my job is because I realized that where I am is a training ground for the next level. I will do my best where I am and empower people along the way. Take one step at a time. Everything I do is an investment… if I do something wrong, I would learn; if I do something right, I earn.

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