Just Catching up…

It’s been over a week since I last wrote… There were so many things I wanted to write… to jot down my feelings and experiences, but now I don’t know where or how to start.
hmmmm… let’s see.
Workwise… yesterday, we just got the news that Joy and Daniel were let go from ATB, and for me that’s a terrible news because I know how it feels getting laid off, but that’s the more reason that I wanna make sure that we are building another income stream. My goal is to have multiple income streams.
Getting laid off is both good and bad news. Good in a sense that you get a severance pay and a start of a new life. Bad if your job is the bread and butter, and you don’t have the confidence to start fresh or get yourself back up again. Getting laid off can cause some degrading feelings but it’s just a fact of life and you can make up stories to tell yourself so you don’t feel horrible.
Last night, we went to Dr. Quan and we found out the my internal problem was caused by my frustration when I was 24, and it’s job related… this could be when I got laid off and I lost my confidence and I lost 10K from an offshore investment and I racked up thousands of dollars in debt just to keep up with my lifestyle. I was frustrate that I didn’t know which passion, which job to work on. I was frustrated trying to understand different things. I remember I was going to different seminars and I was frustrated that I couldn’t make the numbers that I’m aiming for with Isagenix. I was frustrated trying to find a leader that will really show me the way and hold my hands. This was my frustration and this revelation also manifested in my dream when I was at the hospital. I was frustrated that I keep following different people to understand different things… all of them are proponent to network marketing but then now I realized I just have to be me and touch one person at a time.
I will not get frustrated anymore. I accept myself, deeply and completely. I love myself and I believe that I have everything that I need to be successful. I have a gift that only I can give to the world.
For the past week, we brought dad to the Western Naturopath Clinic and they did some tests on him and found that his heart, liver and kidney are the weak organs. My goal is to make sure that dad lives longer and healthier than he could imagine. I want to give him the best food and feed him with love and delicious healthy meals.
We also enjoyed Valentine’s Day and Family Day. We spent Valentine’s Day at our place – we cooked Caldereta and Brown Rice, and played Quelf. Mom, dad, JR & Nathan came over to spend time with us. On Family Day, we went to church, renewed our wedding vows, had lunch at Chianti, walked around the Westwinds Park and played bowling… then at night, we brought the leftover Caldereta over to mom’s house for dinner. Mom also cooked soup. We enjoyed dinner with family and later we played heads up. It was a weekend full of activities and it was such an amazing one. I’m thankful to God for my family and husband.
Now, I have to work.

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