How to live a happy, healthy life

Mind, Body, Spirit, Money — these are the four pillars that I should focus on to live a happy, healthy life.
Every day, I should make time to put conscious effort to improve each area/pillar in my life… to take control of my destiny, I have to choose what I do with my life.
Because there are so many distractions and other people’s agendas that take me off track, I need to put my blinders on and know exactly what I want and what to do with my precious time.
I have to put consistent effort and work with other people with similar goals… I am the captain of my ship (life) and I need a crew to get to a destination quicker. I will work with people to get them to the same destination or at least empower them, give them the map and tools that I use to be where I am.
I realize that I cannot control people and what they do with their time. All I can do is invite them and give them the information. It’s up to them whether or not they take action. Just focus on the willing.
Looking back to this weekend, we went to a despedida party for Kuya Lito on Friday, visited Remu at his house, went to SoZo event and had dinner with mom, dad, Dave & Matthias at Joey Barlow on Saturday, and went to the Home & Garden show on Sunday.
During the weekend, I realized that all of us are in business for ourselves! Even as employees, we sell our time. We trade time for money… but we don’t take advantage of government tax credits. I also realized that we don’t think of our spending as investments. That’s what separates the rich from the poor. The rich think of abundance and work with other people. They network and find talents and invest in relationships.
I’m amazed at how rich people do it. Now, I wanna be conscious of what I do and be more aware of my actions.
There are so many books talking about how to be successful in life, but life is actually pretty simple. We just overcomplicate things with too much junk and not thinking of investments.
I now appreciate the saying “invest in yourself” as it is indeed the best investment. The rich invest in experts and leverage other people’s talents, because they believe time is precious. They believe that they should just hire other people to do something they’re not good at, rather than learn the trade themselves.
For me now, I have to find out the return on investment when I’m doing transactions. I should master and invest in network marketing… how it has the least risk when going into business and possibly the first introduction to collaboration for a great good/making money by helping more people.
There are other investments, like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, oil and gas, but those have more risks as the market changes.
I am in business for myself, but not by myself. That’s the best part about Network Marketing.
By writing on my journal, I am exercising my mind and letting the words flow… I let the knowledge flow through my pen and so that I can look back to how my mind works later.
I eat healthy and exercise to have a clean, healthy body that will live long and can enjoy my hard work. What’s the use of my hard work if I can’t enjoy the fruits of my labor? I want to have time, health, and money.
Spiritually, I want to be in tuned with spirit. As the bible says, “My body is my temple”, so whatever I do, my spirit feels and gets affected. That’s why I wanna be conscious of my effort. Take time to rest and feel my power, because I have the power within me to attract the things I want. I have to align myself and know that whatever I do is for the greater good. Be thankful for my job, for my family and for my realizations.
Money will just follow when my heart/mission is to help people. The more people I serve, the more money I make. Because I need money to serve more people. I wanna travel and see the world. I wanna free people from bondage, and I wanna give them the best chances in life. There are so many people with great, amazing skills!
How do I network with people? Be a great listener…
What do I have to offer? My knowledge… about credit, budgeting, traveling, and nutritional cleansing.

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