First Getaway and Some Lessons

On the way to Banff, I’m enjoying the view of the mountains covered with snow. We’re going to Sunshine Village for snowboarding trip, just Matthias and I.
We’re supposed to go to the couple’s retreat by LOJ, but we said no and decided to do our own retreat. I believe retreats are essential but it doesn’t need to be that hard. Retreats are only successful when both couples make the effort to make their marriage successful. If either party is negative or is no cooperative, then it’s not worth it. I don’t rely on chances to make our marriage work. I believe I have to put in love to get love…time to get time, and trust to get trust.
This morning while getting ready, we were a little over the edge to getting into argument because I couldn’t find my gloves for snowboarding. After some minutest trying to look for them around the house, I suggested to buy another pair and Matthias wasn’t happy about that because it’s a waste of money. I’m glad he didn’t agree because i made me think of calling Joy to borrow hers. When I talked to Joy, she said she found a pair of pink gloves and immediately I recognized it’s mine.
I’m grateful for Matthias and Joy! I’m grateful that Matthias kept his calm when dealing with me, making sure that we don’t frivolously spend on extras we don’t need and suggesting we should be more organized at home. I’m grateful that Joy answered her phone even though she’s still in bed and remembering that she found a pair of gloves.
Yesterday, Friday, I brought a coworker (Tita Evelyn) to Dr. Quan, because she hasn’t been feeling well since June 2014 and has gone to the doctors so many times and her health is just suffering… she couldn’t walk properly, her body is giving up, she’s getting diarrhea, and she doesn’t have energy.
When I heard how she’s not feeling well even after many doctor visits, I quickly called Dr. Quan and requested to be accommodated. I knew she just needed to feed her body well, but I thought it’s better to have a doctor see her and give the advice to make it more credible. Most of the times, people don’t change their ways until a near-death situation or after a doctor’s advice.
For me, I like taking other people’s advice and making my own to do something that’ll fit my own lifestyle.
Thursday night, I got a phone call from Sis. Emolyn regarding insurance from Primerica. She’s selling term insurance and so I’m confused with whether to cancel from Gil’s Universal Life or stick with it. hmmmm.
On the same night, Gil came by and tried to convince me about joining him as an insurance agent. I’m a little bit tempted because I wanna help people with budgeting and their finances in general, but at the same time, I don’t want to because he’s trying to tell me or sell me on making more money, which is not my main motivation. He also said that he’s not in it for the money, but then he constantly talk about how much commission you can make and by recruiting more. He also tried to appreciate Isagenix vision, but then later on bash on it. He said that in the financial industry, they have more clientele/prospects because people want to make more money. You could make more than selling powders and shakes.
Anyway, I’m doing Isagenix because I enjoy using the products and I believe that the products can really help people with their health… and I could choose when to do the business without additional overhead cost. I’m using the products anyway, might as well share the opportunity to others who either want to lose weight or improve their health and performance. It’s a health store with a great referral program.
I learned from Gil too. He said to recruit up, not down. Recruit those who earn more than me, which is my plan. I want to collaborate with those who already have a client base. It just saddens me that he doesn’t care about his health.
Anyway, I realized that making money is not that hard… and money is just a commodity and an energy… especially now that Facebook and social media and technology is getting better, reaching to prospects and communicating to customers is much easier. I wanna use computer and techonology to do my job and I’ll make sure that I work with people’s skills to do better.
For now, I’m going to enjoy our first weekend getaway with my awesome hubby. We’ll have a great time enjoying each other’s company and sharing a new experience.

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