Daddy’s not feeling well…

Dad is not feeling well. He’s taking the afternoon off, nd going to the doctor for some medicines.
I would like to get him to eat proper nutritious food, but I think he’s still thinking that he just needs western medicine to fix him. I’m also curious as to what Dr. Quan would diagnose him with… My dad might have to let go of some hurts from his past.
Anyway, our mini weekend getaway was fun and I had a really good time. We didn’t get to go to Sunshine because it was fully packed that we had to stop for parking 5 km away from the park itself. I wasn’t willing to walk that far so we ended up walking around Banff and enjoying each other’s company at the hotel, discovering each other and going for a nice romantic dinner at night. On Sunday, we went to Mt. Norquay for snowboarding and tubing. By 1:30pm, we headed back to Calgary and went to Balzac Mall for some shopping.
This weekend, we got the following — medicinal stones, de-ionizer necklace, bamboo pillow. Aside from these, we indulged ourselves with some delicious soft ice cream and spent the early evening for dinner at mom’s. Kuya Dexter and Ate Hazel were there… Roxanne and Dave as well. They talked about the Couple’s Retreat…sounded like they really had a great time, which was good to hear. Dad however wasn’t feeling well so I gave him some chai tea and Ionix Supreme, the way I know how to get better. I think Dad should just drink lots of water and get a good night sleep. I’ll just love him and give my full support and show him how much we care about him. There’s nothing else we can do, except love him the way he is. Pray for him and feed him really well.
Tonight, I have an appointment with Ate Emolyn regarding term insurance. I should do my own calculation and research.
Tomorrow, I have an appointment with Marv Hardwood to remove the entity from my body. I’m not really sure what’s going to happen… we’ll see.

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