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My passion is watching others succeed in all areas of their lives – mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

Michelle Cabiles

Hey there!  Thanks for checking out my personal page!  I appreciate you and I believe in you!  I know that each of us has different life stories and experiences and we can learn from each other.  When you leave here, I want you to know at least one thing — you have the power within you to do everything that you want in life!  …just be open and keep learning!

I am determined to empower as many people as possible to live their lives by design and not be slaved by their circumstances…  I believe in making a positive impact through everything that I do!  I strive to do the best I can with what I have and I continually seek to be better at what I am.

Once upon a time…

I was born in “the City of Smiles” in the Philippines where I grew up and learned to value education and leadership, even though I was the youngest in my classes… but because I am the eldest of four children of very supportive parents, I learned to be responsible at an early age.

Just before I turned 18 years old, mom and dad with our 4-year old brother, migrated to Canada to work and seek a better life for us.  I finished 2 years in University taking up accounting, but didn’t finish the program as my 2 sisters and I had to follow our parents into Canada.  So after 15 months being separated, our family reunited.

It was awesome!


It’s an extremely different environment for me and I had to go through some struggles, but I was taught that “God would never give you problems you can not solve” so my life in Canada began… It wasn’t as easy and luxurious as I thought it would be.  I realized that as an immigrant into another country, we had to start from the ground up and adapt to a new culture.

I had to go back to high school because my university transcript wasn’t on “the same educational level” as Canada’s standards… but, I want to brag that I went through 2 high-level MATH classes and excelled at both while taking them during the same semester!  I guess, my Filipino Math teachers were just plain awesome!haha 😉

Wanting to help my parents, I became a “full-time working student”, working everyday right after school hours.  I learned self-discipline and time management…

Anyway, after graduating high school in Alberta within 9 months, I went straight to university and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering within 3 years with Summa Cum Laude (literally “with highest honor”)…

But guess what?

Graduating with a high GPA didn’t guarantee me with high-paying jobs.

I had to learn how to search for jobs and market myself by making great cover letters and résumés.

I sucked at my first interviews, and so I had to learn how to be good at it… since then, I would get multiple offers after interviews and I just had to pick one whichever I wanna work for… of course, I picked the same company I was working for at the time, because I wanted to build a long-term relationship.  That was actually a huge leap from where I was – from being a front-line support to providing the highest level of support.

But that relationship didn’t last that long.  After 2 years, when the recession came and the company had to “restructure”, I got laid off because I was “no longer needed”…

Lesson learned: Job is not equal stability.

I quickly realized that having a JOB is not at all “stable” as I was taught to believe, because if someone in the “higher ranks” decides to fire me, they can just do so at anytime without prior notice, just like what happened to me and some other great people who have been working for the company for over 10 years!

Well, deep inside I wanted to quit anyway… I just didn’t have the courage.  I just wasn’t completely happy working at a job anymore, because I couldn’t completely express myself or be transparent in what I believe in.  For instance, I was reprimanded for simply adding inspirational quotes at the bottom of my email signature… I was hoping to add value to the workplace, and make someone’s day just for making a little difference in my own way…

Don’t get me wrong… I have no issue about working at a corporate position.  In fact, I loved doing my job and I always did my best to perform my tasks, but to thrive in that environment, there seems to be some kind of politics to get past through. 

So I got laid off right on the spot and lost my job in a snap, right?

Lesson learned: Investing in Yourself is the Best Investment.

Fortunately, I was introduced to a “Plan B” and got plugged in to resources that helped me with my unemployment that I was still able to pay all my dues and help out my family here and in the Philippines. Since then, I’ve taken it upon myself to invest in myself – my mind, body, soul and money.

So, I encourage you to have a separate source of income, aside from your job… find a way to make money without you having to trade your time for money… and while having a job, to also build good credit to be able to apply for as much money from the banks as possible, and learn wise spending and money management.

I enjoy life.  I model rich and successful people. I see greatness in everyone. I believe we all have the capacity and strength to do well. I believe we have the power to create our world!

I thank God for always being there and giving me all that I need…

Michelle Cabiles and Matthias Schroeder in Magic Kingdom

Matthias and Michelle Having a Fun Adventure in Magic Kingdom

After I got laid off, which I thought was the most self-degrading experience but turned out to be the best self-empowering experience, I was able to:

  • Learn ways to save and become more resourceful
  • Sponsor my parent’s 25th year anniversary wedding
  • Go back to my home country and enjoy a month vacation with family and relatives
  • Travel to different countries – South Korea, Germany, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain
  • Get engaged to my then-4-year-boyfriend, now-husband, at a beautiful white-beach island
  • Get married to a loving and amazing hubby without spending a fortune…
  • Enjoy a fun-filled adventure in Bahamas and Florida for our honeymoon
  • Win a Free $1000-value ticket to a marketing training from a 30-day challenge
  • Help some friends save taxes, travel for less, and get back into wearing their favorite jeans!
  • Help a few small business owners have their own affordable and profitable websites that they’re proud of
  • Stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, create a dynamic budget and pay off our debts.
  • Learn more about myself and enjoy better relationships
  • and so much more!

I’m just an ordinary gal who loves life and wants to share great things and help another person whose life may need a boost! I like traveling, bowling, taking pictures, strolling in the mall, going to the movies, and spending quality time with my loved ones.

If you’d like to know more about what I’m doing, follow me at facebook.com/MyLifestyleMakeover and grab YOUR VIP Access to my treasure toolbox from mylifestylemakeover.com

Your partner in success,

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Michelle Cabiles

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